Sex Toy Review: Nexus EXCEL Prostate Male G Spot Toy | QX Men Magazine August 2016

The first anal sex toy that I ever used, at the innocent age of 18, was a Nexus Prostate Massager. I used to work in a Soho sex shop and I bought the Nexus Excel on my first day. This was my first proper exploration into prostate massage and it brought me to an intense climax. 

Clonezone is currently giving its customers the chance to explore prostate massage with up to 75% off selected Nexus toys! I am genuinely excited about this as I always encourage our customers to explore their ‘Male G-Spot’ as you might have been able to tell from my previous reviews. I might, perhaps, have a bit of a fixation… Maybe.

The Excel is a very smooth, aesthetically pleasing shape. It’s made from a smooth, solid plastic called polypropylene. You can use ANY lube you want with Nexus hard toys, which pleases me as I fucking love my silicone based lube (Although my bed sheets don’t). There is also a stainless steel roller ball at the base to give a licking sensation to the perineum at the same time.

Cover your prostate toy with lube, all over; let it get nice and wet. You don’t need to worry too much about the amount of lube you use as it’s a simple ‘wipe clean’ toy. Perfect. If you’re using silicone lube, put something between you and the bed unless you want oil stains.

“Before you insert the Excel get your partner to rim you to relax you… Don’t ask, insist!“ 

Excel’s entrance circumference is four inches, which then slims and widens to 4.5 inches (its widest point).

Begin by wetting your fingers and rubbing your hole to relax it and ready it for the penetration. If you have a partner with you, get them to rim you to relax you. Don’t ask, insist! Excel’s shaft is 4 inches tall, making it the perfect length to massage your prostate.

Excel features a ‘handle’ for manual intervention; you can use the bulb that points downwards at its base to hold onto and rock the toy back and forth to caress on your prostate.  If you aren’t used to the penetration, the hard material entering can feel tough but will ‘pop’ into place due to its ergonomic design. You can also use it hands-free, as well as rocking on it in a ‘prayer’ position.

The steel roller ball pushes into your perineum, mimicking the sensation of a tongue flicking on the spot between your balls and hole.

Don’t be concerned if when you push the toy into place you get a stingy burn-like sensation, this is your body telling you that you’ve hit the prostate. I can always tell when I’ve hit mine because I get that tingle, alongside a sensation like I need to piss.

Excel’s hard material leaves you feeling very full. It’s a gorgeous sensation, thanks to the expert design. Often with anal toys, it’s hard to really pinpoint the pleasure but Nexus know how to stretch you in all the right places. Take some time to use the toy without touching your cock or nipples, because it takes time to adjust to prostate pleasure.

When you do want to pair up the pleasure, simply give yourself a hand-job whilst rocking the toy and fiddling with the levers. Let the ball grind on your perineum and when you’re feeling brave, give the downwards handle a grind to push harder on your prostate. Remember your prostate is the gland that makes cum for you – so there’s a reason to use it for fun.

When you build up to orgasm, you’ll feel it build up from the gland outwards. It can be a very intense climax, so get ready to fire. Shooting always happens for me with prostate massage; I put this down to the internal pressure.

I’m not a scientist but I can say it makes a HUGE difference and the spray is powerful. Removing the Excel when you’ve cum is easy, it’s smooth and ergonomic so it guides out easily with a gentle pull through.

Cleaning it is easy. Just use warm water and a toy cleaning spray or gentle soap. It’s a good idea to remove the roller ball too to make sure there isn’t any lube caught up in there.


  • Use the Excel when you’re getting head
  • Sit up and grind backwards on your Excel, rolling your hips to push on the levers
  • Use when fucking a bottom (though stick to fucking on your back or side to avoid it pushing out)
  • Pair your Excel with a cock ring for an explosive shoot when you cum! Just mind your eyes… we’ve all been there
  • Use Excel whilst fucking a masturbator.

• I want to know what you think of the Nexus Excel Prostate Massager!

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