Sex Toy Review: The Nexus Range of ‘HARD Toys’ | QX Men Magazine December 2016

I know I seem to bang on about prostate massage a lot, and the subject might seem boring if you haven’t tried it yet, but this month I really want to focus on the range of ‘hard toys’ from Nexus.

I know through personal experience (9 years) of working in sex shops that lots of men see the ‘hard’ material and are instantly turned off… Don’t allow this to be the case. It’s done for a reason. The range of ‘hard toys’ from Nexus are made from medical grade polypropylene. For those of you who have no fucking clue what that means… it means they’re a VERY high quality, non-porous plastic. It’s hard to the touch but I am asking you to not associate this with discomfort. It feels good. I promise.

There is a reason that Nexus began with hard toys and that’s because the strength of the polypropylene pushes through the internal muscles, stronger than any other material, pushing directly onto your prostate with very little resistance. The smooth and solid material means it slides into your hole easier than most other types of anal sex toys.

Nexus’ prostate toys have that unique shape for a reason. It’s so your sphincter swallows it easily through the anal opening and then curve around into your P-Spot. Another advantage of the products being hard is that you can use any lube you want – there are absolutely no restrictions. If you’re planning on having anal sex afterward, however, avoid oil-based lubes as any leftover residue can break down your condom.

The Vibro, Neo, Titus, Excel and Glide are all Nexus ‘hard toys’ available at Clonezone. Each toy is ergonomically shaped so your hole ‘swallows’ it into place and they all have a ‘handle’ at the base so you can push the toy harder into your P-Spot and give that cum a good ‘awakening’ before spraying out your dick. You can control this with your hands or with any surface you rest on, be it your mattress or your boy’s shower floor… I might be talking from personal experience there!

Vibro Black

The design of each toy focuses on aesthetics as much as functionality, which means you get yourself a product that looks as good as it feels. They’re easy to store, easy to clean and will last you a lifetime if you keep the perineum roller-balls clean.

“So, what the fuck is a perineum roller ball?” you ask. This is a small ball at the front of the base on each hard toy. When your prostate toy is fully inserted, this pushes on the gap between your balls and bum hole. Some people know it as the taint, gooch or choad. (I called it my “conch” for years before realising that this is actually part of your ear!) The rollerball rolls and grinds against you, feeling especially nice if the ball is nice and cool. It’s removable (with a good smack against your hand) to clean off any lube, pre-cum or cum.

You can use the handle at the base to enhance the push of the rollerball, by tipping the toy back and forth. This also pushes the toys into your prostate gland too, so you get double the fun. When using one of these toys, I personally recommend dedicating a good amount of time to it. Edge yourself through masturbation but try and hold out for as long as you can.

They’re great to use whilst giving head, being on top or just wandering around the house (though I do find the two most effective positions to benefit from P-Spot massage are the praying position and also on your side). These toys are hard, so there’s no need to be rough with control, but personally, I can’t help but push that fucker hard into my prostate when I’m getting close. We all like a little bit of pain after a long-week, eh?

Hard toys from Nexus at Clonezone start at just £24.99 which is a lot cheaper than a few other brands out there (whose names I shan’t mention) that boast the same results with softer and less hardwearing materials. 

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So treat yourself to a prostate orgasm this XXXmas and let me know all about it. If you have any ‘personal’ questions about using these toys, email me at

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