Eroticon 2023: Forgetting Shame & Remembering your Slutty Self

I’m excited to announce I’ll be doing an honest little talk called ‘FORGETTING SHAME & REMEMBERING YOUR SLUTTY SELF’ at this years EROTICON.

This is my first ever solo talk so I’m terrified and slightly aroused. But it’ll be the most honest and vulnerable thing I’ve ever done.

My whole plan is to give my context and how its helped me with writing about sexuality, as I always tap into vulnerability and lived experience to make sure my work relates to someone.

I’ll be discussing in detail the trajectory my life went on and the multiple influences on the way from the “skets” of South London, to the sex workers of Soho, to Madonna, and TV characters. How these influences and inspirations helped the integrity of my work and stopped me from flat lining into repetitive, predictable and ‘trend-focused’ banal content writing.

The entire weekend is an amazing and educational event platforming and celebrating sex writers, influencers, creatives, etc, etc. My kinda people.

WHEN? Saturday 10th June
TIME? 11:05 – 11:50am
WHERE? Arlington Conference Centre, Camden

NAME (and Twitter/IG/Mastodon etc)

I’m Topher Taylor – you can find my Instagram here. DM me for my Twitter, as its NSFW.

Tell us 3 things you are most looking forward to at Eroticon 2023

  1. Putting faces to names, as I read so much but don’t interact anywhere near as much as I should. Not through ignorance or pretense, just through never having enough hours in the day.
  2. Listening to peoples lived experiences.
  3. Doing my talk. I’m equally shitting myself and incredibly excited.

Sadly with a change of venue this year for the Friday night meet and greet we won’t be compiling a play list but I know that everyone enjoys that bit so…. What is a song that always has you turning the volume up?

COUNTLESS. I really am all-over-the-place with music. Totally depends on the type of day I am having.

Right now: Kaytranada – 10%.

All time: Madonna – Express Yourself.

What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

I wanted to be a Spice Girl or an Archaeologist. Which is ironic as I dress like a Spice Girl and play with bones for a portion of my living in 2023, so it’s funny the way that life works out – isn’t it?!

Childhood Ambitions

We had a ‘dress as something you want to be when you grow up’ day at school when I was 7-or-8. Everyone went as footballers, pop stars, superheroes, etc. I went as an archaeologist with a bag full of compost and fried chicken bones. It’s safe to say that I got bullied that day. See the photo on the right, above, for the evidence. Tragic! I was so naive.

What does your joy look like today?

I think its best to be honest, especially as I am doing a talk about the most intimate parts of my life and I’ll say: I don’t know at the moment. I’m going through a few chaotic things and figuring things out in new ways for myself. Joy feels a bit like a mirage across a misty desert.

Possibly, shopping in Bromley with Mum – when we sit and have a coffee, and dissect everything and everyone. Also, there’s an incomparable joy of having a beautiful man hanging out of the back of me.

What is your favourite musical?

I’m a terrible queer: I don’t really like musicals. BUT I adore Tina Turner and the Tina Musical is fucking amazing. PLUS, my cousin, Elesha Paul Moses is currently playing Tina in London. She is insanely talented and I’m so proud of her stamina and success. She’s much like Tina, herself.

Elesha as TINA

I need to go and see more musicals, to be honest with you. My issue is I cringe too easily.

If you were the captain of a pirate ship, what would be the name of your ship?

The Butt Pirate.

As soon as you have finished writing answering these questions what are you going to do?

Have a bath, go to LIDL, and then film some content for my OnlyFans.

Complete the sentence:

I need..