Hello, I am Topher.


It’s quite hard to sum yourself, as I’ve found out in my few attempts to write this section of my website. My name is Topher Taylor, and I’m a sex educator, sex toy reviewer and developer – and general ‘tart with a heart’ from (South) London.

I’ve worked in and around the adult industry for almost 15 years; beginning in sex shops, developing into brand management, sex toy development, OnlyFans content creation – and also becoming an intimacy writer for various mainstream publications, social media networks, and television channels. In 2017 I won ‘Best Social Media’ personality at the Grabbys Porn Awards for my social media work on pushing sex positivity alongside educating people on the use of adult products via Clonezone.

My work has been published worldwide and I’ve made various appearances on TV shows, podcasts, documentaries, and more. I’m not saying any of this to brag, but to give a little context to myself. I get invited to get involved with projects because of my reputation for being honest, vulnerable, and most importantly: knowledgeable.

I believe in being open-minded and having empathy when it comes to sex ed. Everything I write or produce comes from a place of honesty. The undertone of everything I produce is to learn from my mistakes. I’ve worked with sex and sex toys for so long, I’ve heard it all before and it’s given me a grasp on how to ‘prescribe’ solutions to problems and curiosities. I don’t judge and your secret is always safe with me.

The truth is, I love sex and I know a lot about it. I know my industry from the inside out and I use both my knowledge and passion to help people feel great about their bodies. Because that, in turn, makes me feel good.

If you want to know more about my journey, you can read my ‘How I Got Into the Sex Industry‘ blogs on my website. If you have questions or need advice, my contact page is here.

Sending you all of the love.



Bathmate Sex Toys Testimonial:

Topher’s understanding of the adult toy industry is unrivalled – You’ll struggle to find anyone outside of our company that knows as much about our products as he does – We consider Topher as not only a business associate but also as a friend, mainly due to his openness and willingness to help others. From reviews, to advice and education Topher should be your go to guy.” 

Nexus Sex Toys Testimonal:

“Topher has always been a great advocate of Nexus, giving honest reviews as well as invaluable new product design input. He is always enthusiastic yet objective which when combined with his expertise makes him the perfect sexpert to partner with.”

DOXY Sex Toys Testimonial:

“Topher is our “go to” for sex toy product testing and advice, especially for anything anal related! The British adult industry is fortunate to have experienced passionate people like Topher who generously shares his enthusiasm for his subject.”

BOYZ Magazine Testimonial:

“Dealing with Topher is always a pleasure for us at Boyz. His knowledge and enthusiasm place him at the beating heart of not only the gay adult retail industry, but of the LGBT+ community too. He’s a fantastic ambassador for Clonezone and the whole industry, he’s creative and smart and we love him.”

Dale Bradford, Editor of ETO (Erotic Trade Only) Magazine Testimonial:

“Since he has been writing for ETO, I have been impressed with Topher’s passion for, and extensive knowledge of, the industry. He is not afraid to be opinionated and his articles are packed with personality.”

Pitstop PLUS / METRO Charity Testimonial:

“Topher has been hugely supportive of getting Gay & Bisexual Men and Trans people to test regularly for STI’s through our pitstopplus.org service. Pitstop PLUS provides free condoms, lube & free STI home testing kits to people living in the boroughs of Greenwich, Bexley and Medway. Topher has consistently encouraged people to use our free services and promoted condom use and regular testing. Thank you Topher for all your help.”