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My self-titled podcast from 2020, featuring porn stars Rebecca More & Dolf Dietrich, female dominatrix Mistress Evilyne, Ru Pauls Drag Race’s Divina De Campo & more. I got into the Top 5 of Apple Podcasts wth this podcast and was very excited about that.

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My sex education podcast from 2021. Featuring fetish photographer Matt Spike, queer priest and author Jarel Robinson-Brown, sex educator Char Thee Great, and psychosexual psychologist, Silva Neves. This was a little experiment to keep me busy after a bad break-up. I enjoyed it.

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My Podcast Features & Interviews

“Topher Taylor joins us to discuss the sex industry, and navigating sex education with intense and constant censorship. We also look for the next Queer Loose Woman and celebrate the first Non-binary refugee in the UK.”

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“This week, Kieran and Ainsley are joined by Topher Taylor: writer, podcaster, sex educator extraordinaire for a chat about the relaunch of his new podcast The T-Spot, how he got started, working in the adult industries, our shared love of Madonna and much more!”

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“This is the truth… there is someone out there who will think you’re so f*cking sexy!”

We chat to podcaster, sex educator and sex toy reviewer Topher Taylor all about sexting and dirty talk. Topher share his top tips for taking nudes, turning your partner on via text and the role of dirty talk in orgasms. Enjoy!”

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“Trigger warning: Mild suicide reference. NSFW.

September means back to Saturn School & first on the roll call is sex educator and adult toy consultant Topher Taylor, discussing his Saturn Return with the rare vulnerablity that benefitted his life (and even career), teen loneliness, internalised homophobia, the infamous Channel 4 Love in Lockdown mini doc that racked up 4.3 million views (and with it, some despicable comments paired with curious DMs) and becoming a better person despite the trolls.”

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“Topher is the PR Brand Manager at Clonezone and a bit of a star on social media and more recently on TV sex documentaries. He gives sex and relationship advice to his Only Fans followers as well as making adult content and advising on the latest sex tech to consumers. He also gives advice to LGBTQ+ sex toy manufacturers in the development of new products. He’s never happier than when he’s replying to people’s problems or dishing out sex advice or helping with problems.

We’re getting the lowdown on what the best sex tech there is out there right now for us all, talking about the basics of bottoming and getting some advice not only on douching, but the best douche to get and how often to change your douche!

We also find out how he’s found being on Only Fans and how he went from being kicked out of a rough school in East London for his own good, to ending up in Soho working in sex shops and about the time his mum had to ask him why a sex shop had called for him on the house phone.

This episode was also filmed for a TV sex technology documentary on Channel 5.”

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Whether its the best way to douche, anxieties around cleanliness or questions around kink… Topher’s DM’s are always open.

Graeme Smith talks with self confessed Tart with a heart,  OnlyFans model, columnist for Gay London Life and Clonezone PR brand manager Topher about sex, sex tech and relationships questions from OUTCAST UK’s and his DM’s.

On this episode we hear about the newly single, self confessed “pig bottom” D in Manchester and his anal anxieties whilst hooking up with lots of people … we unpack these anxieties and talk about how many people go through periods like this.”

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