…you found THE T SPOT | Episode 1 & Photoshoot with Matt Spike

My podcast is back. I’ve bid farewell to ‘Sex with Topher‘ – and if you want to know the reasons for the name change, then tune in to the first 10 minutes of episode 1 of THE T SPOT. I explain everything, including why I took a 10-month break from podcasting as life went a bit crazy. You’ll see what I mean when you listen. And I sincerely hope that you will tune in…

ANYWAY. Episode 1 features an interview with iconic Fetish photographer and videographer, Matt Spike. If you’ve ever seen photos plastered around the UK, Europe, or the USA of hot leather-clad guys, the chances are that it’s been shot by Matt. And if it hasn’t, then chances are you’ll find photos of those same guys that have been shot by Matt. He is the ‘go-to’ Fetish photographer, and someone that I am proud to call a friend.

Our interview covers his discovery of kink, sexuality, his photography, and videography work – alongside us basically gossiping. Matt and I come from similar backgrounds, we are both from intolerant suburbs on the outskirts of London and Essex – so we both channeled our isolation and loneliness into extroverted characters – that organically become who we ‘really’ were. Matt is fascinating and I cannot wait for you to get to know him.

We wanted to give the episode a bit of an interactive vibe, so we decided to do a photo shoot at the same time. This way, you can see what we were up to and also get introduced to my apartment, which will be the home of THE T SPOT interviews going forward. And what I mean by that, is that now we are in somewhat of a ‘post-COVID-19’ world, I can finally interview people in person again – so I’ll be inviting guests to my home, where it makes sense (and is safe/legal) to do so.

I’ve always enjoyed having intimate discussions face-to-face and using the digital software just wasn’t the same.

I’m very excited to be back in your headphones again. I’ve really missed interacting with you all. And remember, if you have any questions or require any clarification on anything discussed on THE T SPOT, email me.

And please don’t be shy. Ask me anything and I’m happy to keep your name private if you so wish.

THE T SPOT is available now on all podcast platforms. Click here or simply search ‘THE T SPOT with Topher Taylor’. If you were already subscribed to Sex with Topher, there’s no need to subscribe again.

Scroll down to see what we got up to. Behind-the-scenes, and all.

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THE SHOOT by Matt Spike