Sex Toy Review: The COLT Mighty Mouth Vibrating Masturbator | QX Men Magazine December 2015

The first thing I noticed about the Colt Mighty Mouth was how lightweight it was in its packaging. Initially, this was a concern for me, as I was worried it would be a limp and cheap plastic toy. But when I held the Mighty Mouth in my hand, its smooth ergonomic shape instantly appealed to me, and its quality was very apparent.

It comes packaged in one of COLT’s simple red cardboard boxes, with the masturbator and its accessories bagged individually inside. The Mighty Mouth itself is matte with COLT’s famous logo written in bold red and looks very masculine and sexy. I found myself running my hand up and down it a few times – and then felt ridiculous.

On its casing, there are two buttons, one to switch the Mighty Mouth on and off – and the other to explore its 30 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation… The Mighty Mouth has really spoiled you! Its detachable suction cup lets you stick the Mighty Mouth to any smooth surface and its handy hinge means it’s easily bendable so you can fuck it from different angles without any hassle:

"There are lots of options to choose from, but my favourite is pulsation."

Try the floor, wall or a table at crotch height. You have the choice of the suction cup or unscrew it for the simple rounded black end for hand-held play. This men’s masturbator features an internal sleeve with mini repeated tongues inside to tickle and satisfy your erection. My personal concern with most masturbators is that the internal girth can sometimes be too tight for me (that’s not a brag. I’ve experienced discomfort in the past with too much intensity caused by its suction and no room to move) but COLT’s Mighty Mouth has good size.

I mean, it’s tight – but that’s what I was after. If you have a thick girth, there’s no need to avoid the Mighty Mouth. The vibrator is a mini ‘egg’ within the casing that rests on the textured sleeve that you wank your length with. The ‘egg’ rests against the silicone sleeve to assure you are tingled directly on your hot spots.

So, let’s get down to business. I screwed the suction cup attachment onto the end of Mighty Mouth and pushed it down hard on the flat surface next to my bed. The suction was strong and instant, so I was confident it wouldn’t move when it got fucked. I got myself hard using Liquid Silk (I don’t use Liquid Silk usually, but it’s our best-seller – so I thought I’d stick to the Clonezone theme). I also squirted some inside of the textured sleeve. You can only use water-based with the Mighty Mouth, as silicone based lube can gradually break down the silicone used in the sleeve. I slowly pushed my dick inside of it and the satisfaction was instant – the textured silicone sleeve feels amazing on your dick, and gave me an instant ‘shudder’ that reminded me of the first time I fucked someone. Remember that “wow” moment? Many moons ago… Anyway, I started fucking the toy and it felt really good, almost too good. You can watch porn when facing it, as that would be awesome – but I didn’t. I was thinking about the sex I had at Halloween dressed as Geri Halliwell (don’t ask).


I had to slow down a few times so I didn’t cum before I had experienced all that the Mighty Mouth has to offer, function wise. So I turned the vibration on, which felt incredible. There are lots of options to choose from, but my favourite is pulsation. The internal vibrations send ripples through the mini-tongues inside that both massage and tickle your erection. It’s impossible to go limp inside this fucking thing (I made a point of trying).

The only down side to the toy is the sloppy suction sounds it makes when you fuck it. If you live in a very quiet house, I recommend putting on some music or turning on the TV… Or just tell your housemates to mind their own business! I wanted to try it without using the holder, so I put on its simple black finish. Grinding it up and down my length felt great. The sleeve is just 4.5 inches long – but this doesn’t affect pleasure or satisfaction if you are a lot longer, as it grips to your head and rubs up and down your shaft perfectly.

I actually turned off the vibration off and used it alone. The vibration is awesome, not too intense to numb you – just right. But I wanted to use it alone. I found that by holding it on my head and gently shaking it like a vibrator in half-inch motions, I was getting close because it felt really, really fucking good and tingly. I did this a few times with breaks in-between.

“Intensely Powerful Male Stroker”

I had to eventually give in and cum. The orgasm was REALLY good, making sure I totally forgot I was using a toy. Some masturbators can be ‘too much’ when you cum, but the gentle silicone inside is very apparent. The natural suction is subtle and the material perfectly ‘jelly-like’. Clean-up is really easy. I HATE cleaning up after using a masturbator, as it’s the last thing on the planet that I’m in the mood for.

You unscrew the circular cap from the end and pop the sleeve out. I used warm water and a toy cleaning spray from Clonezone. I turned the sleeve inside out; making sure all the lube (and other stuff) was cleaned through. After washing it, I let the Mighty Mouth’s sleeve dry naturally. Popping it back into place and securing it was no hassle, taking less than 30 seconds.

Mighty Mouth, in my personal opinion, is a fantastic sex toy for men. It would be fun to use on someone else but my current squeeze is in Essex (I’m south London so I couldn’t be arsed). Its versatility is apparent immediately and its design is unpretentious and sexy. The sensations delivered are intense, direct and satisfying, making it ideal for circumcised guys or men who find it hard to stay hard during play.

You can hide the Mighty Mouth easily in a drawer or a wash bag. If you’re not bothered, it looks kind of sexy on the bedside table. Plus the suction cup holder will keep it in pride of place.


  • Length: 11.5”
  • Circumference: 10.75”
  • Canal diameter: 2”
  • Internal Length: 4.5 “
  • Base type: Sucker
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries

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