Sex Toy Review: The DOXY Massage Wands | QX Men Magazine May 2017

I’ve had my eye on the Doxy wands for a long time, thanks to their incredible reputation. This intensely powerful rumbling massager is so fucking sexy to look at. It’s long, almost-phallic shape is beautifully shiny in die cast metal casing, leading up-to a bulbous vibration head in black.

Will Garland (the big boss at Doxy) hand-delivered this toy to me and I could hardly focus on my work for the rest of the business day. This massage unit is made from polished aluminium/titanium alloy in Cornwall, UK and goes through a five-stage polishing process that brings up the high lustre finish.

The first thing you clock with the Die Cast wand is its weight – 830 grams to be exact. This 13.5 inch tool is impressive and plugs into your mains, meaning no need for batteries or recharging. For me, this is a huge plus as I have no patience and constantly lose batteries.

Before I review the toy, I wanted to address a common misconception about vibrating wands. They are usually typecast as women’s products – and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Shows like Sex and The City introduced them to the mainstream, but this doesn’t limit them to being clitoral stimulators. Doxy delivers an intense, direct vibration which can be taken advantage of by any gender. This toy is for everyone.

When you get your Doxy home and remove it from its box, you’ll see it has its own sexy carry case for discreet storage. This silver, zippered box secures the Doxy and is in itself quite beautiful.

When you first switch the Die Cast on, the intensity of the vibration is startling – even on the lowest setting. The rumbling vibration travels up the shaft and pin points at the big head on top. Before even getting naked – you can hold this toy on your crotch through your clothes and it’ll wake you up. If you get me…

The first thing I found myself doing was putting the Die Cast onto my perineum. Even at the lowest setting, it sends an intense wave of ticklish satisfaction through your crotch and even onto your inner thighs. It’s comparable to that feeling after a good-nights-sleep when you stretch and everything feels tingly. Morning wood, included. The higher you raise the speed settings, the harder your dick will get.

I made myself orgasm by simply resting this on my dick, seriously. I didn’t have to do anything other than put it on me. It’s that good. I can see so many uses for the Doxy, the other I tried for this review was mounting it. Squatting on top of the toy and grinding your perineum, underside of your balls and hole up and down it.  Do this with some lube (I used SPIT 250ml Water-Based).

When you’re grinding up and down (wanking too), it sends vibrations through your mid-section that reach through to the tip of your dick. It’s a real intense experience, which definitely leads you to an explosive cum. I had to take a nap after using this wand. It had relaxed me so much and brought me to such a powerful orgasm, that I felt like I’d run a small race.

Do you fuck yourself with it? Now, this thing has a BIG HEAD. The circumference of the end is 7.9 inches around, which is too big for me. However, that’s not saying that someone couldn’t fuck themselves with the Doxy Die Cast. Would I recommend doing that? No, because it’s not tapered. Never put something in your hole that hasn’t been designed for that purpose.

You can rest the Doxy anywhere on your body for instant satisfaction. It is, in design a massager, so using it on your shoulders, back, neck, legs etc. feels as good as you can imagine. It’ll loosen tension in your joints, soften any crooks in your neck and shoulders and ultimately relax you before (or after) fucking.

The Doxy can be used during BDSM play, from vanilla through to the hardest of cores. You can tease your partner(s) with it during foreplay, rest on top of it or handle it during sex, give your man a massage – all the way through to using this on your sub when he’s (safely) sucked inside his vacuum bed.

This toy would be particularly fun to use on your man. Tie his wrists to the headboard, blindfold him and use the Doxy all over him. Count how long it takes him to orgasm. I would also recommend Doxy to men who find it hard to orgasm, using the lowest setting up and down your shaft – mainly focusing on your frenulum.

I can say, in all honesty, that this is one of the best toys I’ve ever seen (and used). The Doxy Die Cast is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Thank you, Will.

Product Features:

– 12-foot power cord
– Variable speed from 3000rpm to 9000rpm
– Variable escalation pulse setting
– Plugs into your mains – no need to charge or use batteries


Length – 13.5 inches
Circumference at widest point – 7.9 inches
Weight: 830 grams

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