Sex Toy Review: Nexus Revo INTENSE Prostate Massager | QX Men Magazine January 2018

I thought I’d start the year by reviewing a classic sex toy for men. I’ve always been a huge fan of this toy (and I actually named it) so I wanted to talk about the Nexus Revo INTENSE.
The Nexus Revo Intense was designed with a flat base and the arched prostate probe to ‘lock into place’ and when I trialled the first prototype, I said “it felt intense”… and that’s how it all began. This sleek black silicone toy features ribbed nubs on the base which rub against your perineum (aka the gap between your hole and balls). This alongside the prostate probe in the typical ‘C’ shape means you are quite literally hooked into pleasure.

As always begin by inserting Intense with a water-based lube, as to not damage the silicone and give your body time to accept it. You’ll find your sphincter again will swallow it inwards and pull the shape into the desired position – just make sure the arch of the C is pointing outwards with the ribbed base resting forward. If you point it the other way, it’s not going to touch your prostate.

This may not be the case with everyone but when I insert Intense and it pushes against my prostate, I get a hot sensation like I need to go for a pee. This tells me it’s in place and it’s time to get to work. Reach around and begin to play with the settings, where you can choose between two shaft rotation speeds and six different vibration/stimulation settings.

When it begins to rotate, you get a deep and satisfying massage which instantly makes me fully erect. The intensity of the internal rubbing with the vibration which travels down to the perineum stim always brings the pre-cum out and shows me that my body is enjoying this sensation. I would describe the sensation (to someone that hasn’t used a prostate toy) as being fingered with someone teasing the external areas at the same time.

There are lots of different ways to enjoy the toy but if you’re like me and like to get things done fast when you’re solo – you can masturbate. Wanking with a prostate toy going to work is, in my opinion, the ultimate pleasure and delivers sensations that you just can’t always get from a partner. Because of the arched shape, you can ride the INTENSE and really feel it ‘fucking you’ as you pop up-and-down. Getting into the prayer position is a good idea and grinding back onto the toy – taking advantage of the push on your P-Spot. I recommend jumping through the shaft rotations and vibrations, so your body doesn’t get bored. I also recommend switching the vibration off at intervals, so you don’t begin to numb. I stop the toy and sometimes fuck with it, grinding it around in its C shape, so it hits the desired spot without just hooking and pulling on your sensitive inside area.

The Prostate Orgasm. A lot of guys ask me about this, so let me explain it to you. When you’ve been massaging your prostate in the right way for long enough, paired with external stimulation (whether that be with a partner, wanking, nipple play etc.) you begin to feel an intense pleasure begin to build from your inside.

I really do describe it as taking a really heavy piss, without actually pissing. It’s like a release of tension that feels hot and explodes outwards – almost feeling like vibrations or trickling sensations. If you’re wanking at the same time, your dick is guaranteed to cum too.

The external orgasm (the more common one) is also amazing, travelling from the head, down the shaft through to the perineum. With the toy inside it’s like being held in the right way during anal and having that amazing orgasm. You know those times where the dick is just hitting the right spot when you’re fucking and you cum? Yeah, that.

Clean up is easy as the surface area is so sleek and smooth. I use Nexus’ Toy Wash spray, warm water and rub it gently with a cloth. Leave it to dry 100% before storing it and make sure you don’t store it resting against other toys. Keep it in its own bag (included inside the box).

Revo Intense Features:

  • 6 Stimulation Modes
  • 2 shaft Rotation Speeds
  • Ergonomically Contoured
  • 100% Silicone Shaft
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Splash proof
  • 10 hours of play
  • Revo Intense Material:
  • Silicone
  • ABS Plastic
  • Charging by USB

The REVO Intense retails for £120 but get 10% OFF using ‘TOPHER’ at or by showing this column to the staff instore.

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