Sex Toy Review: Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager | QX Men Magazine November 2017

I am a huge fan of two things; Prostate Massage and Nexus Range’s toys. If you’ve read a few of my columns, you’ll have picked up on this. I am always a lot more interested in pleasure over penetration – which makes this month’s toy perfect for me. And for you! Read on to find out why. The London based luxury sex toy brand has just introduced the brand new Nexus Revo SLIM. If you’re curious about massaging your prostate and getting to know the male G-spot without intimidating length, girth or shape, then this really is something I recommend you try out.

As with all of Nexus’ P-spot toys, you experience targeted pleasure. The slender shaft features unique curvaceous ribbing which has been expertly designed to fit into place ergonomically. Removing the anatomical and technical speak; it’s basically designed to slide perfect inside your butthole and push straight onto your prostate gland. That’s your G-Spot. There are a few stand-out features about this toy that you’ll notice as you unpack it from its sleek box. The piece of the Revo SLIM that rests on your perineum has 5 ribs to grind into the space between your balls and butthole, giving you something hot to rub into and ride on.

This toy is rechargeable, so be sure to charge for at least 4 hours before you use it the first time. This wakes up the electronics inside the Nexus Revo SLIM and assures smooth playtime from the get-go. You can use the USB wire with your phone USB plug or laptop/computer.

I began by putting the petite remote control next to me and adding some water-based lube to the SLIM’s satisfying curvaceous shaft. Insertion is always made much easier by doing two things; pushing some lube into the entrance of your hole with your fingertips, and ‘pushing your hole out’ as you push the toy inside. This encourages your sphincter muscles to accept foreign objects. Once the Revo SLIM is a third of the way inside, you’ll feel your body grab it and pull it inside. Just let it happen.

Now, I don’t recommend starting the settings until its inside as it’ll just distract you and you won’t enjoy the full benefits. Reaching around to the front of the toy are two control buttons; one to control the vibrations and one to control the shafts rotation speeds. Like its REVO counterparts, the SLIM’s prostate massaging probe spins, grinding directly into your P-spot and the sensitive areas surrounding it. When I clicked this button, it instantly made my hips shift forward as it hits that spot. The only way I can ever think of describing it is like it creates a pleasurable urge to pee.

I’ll stop here and address one point; don’t be put off from using this toy if you’re typically ‘top’ and aren’t used to things being up your butt. This is actually the perfect toy for you. It’s a petite prostate toy, which isn’t designed to open you up – as it’s been designed to probe you. Not open you up. After you’ve started the rotation, give yourself a little time to get used to the sensation. It’s especially good if you wank when it’s happening. You might find it takes you a little longer to get as hard as usual (as your body is distracted) but once you get there… you really get there. Experiment with the vibration options by using the remote control.

Thanks to the settings on the Revo SLIM, you have 34 combinations in total. Dedicate some time to finding the one that’s best for you, but remember to mix it up. With this kind of toy, you can use it for a quick thrill or you can dedicate hours to discovering your prostate G-spot. Mix up your positions when you’re using it. My favourite is in the ‘prayer’ position, with your feet holding the toy in place.

Building up to orgasm is incredibly satisfying with your prostate being probed. This is because you’re being satisfied with the pleasure points from the inside out. If you have a playmate, introduce it to your couple play. Wear it whilst giving head, wear it whilst topping or just use it on your man to wake up his internal hot-spots.

When you eventually orgasm, the ‘hot’ feeling tingles from the inside, builds up and explodes outwards. Clean up is really simple, using Nexus Wash Toy Cleaning spray and some warm water. Leave it to dry completely before storing away.

I really recommend that you treat yourself to this toy. You’ll thank me later. And for the tops out there, remember this is a PLEASURE device… not a penetration device. The reduced size assures that SLIM is about where it hits and not how it stretches.

6 Stimulation Settings
2 Shaft Rotation Speeds
2 Direction Rotating Shaft
34 Combinations of Pleasure
100% Silicone Shaft
Product Specifications:
Insertable length: 4″
Circumference at widest points: 3.5″
Length of perineum stim: 2″

Price: £150

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