Sex Toy Review: Nexus G Play PLUS[+] Prostate Massaging Vibrators | QX Men Magazine March 2018

My friends at Nexus Range have upgraded one of their best-selling sex toys, by replacing its battery pack with a rechargeable USB magnet base AND more vibration settings. Introducing the G-Play PLUS [+]. This pretty toy comes in a choice of Small, Medium and Large. Or you can grab a G-Play PLUS [+] 3-pack at Clonezone. Depends how greedy you’re feeling, or if you’re wanting different toys for different moods.

The G-Play Plus is named ‘G-Play’ because it’s been anatomically contoured to find and target your G-Spot. The firm, velvety-smooth and curved shape is made from luxurious silicone with a firm core. At the base are control buttons, which give you access to vibration settings and strengths. You don’t even need to know which is which, in my opinion; just reach around, click the buttons and enjoy the ride.

I used Nexus’ own water-based lube with the G-Play [+] and rubbed it all around the curve in its shaft focusing on the circumference of the head. I rubbed some onto myself and did the usual routine of slowly pushing the toy in, whilst ‘pushing’ out my muscles to accept its shape easily. The shape curves into place, and you’ll feel your body accept or ‘pull’ the G-Play in after a couple of inches.

When it’s inside, that nice tingling feeling begins with all good prostate toys. Where it rests on the inside, you get that tingling feeling where it’s numbed head is hitting the prostate gland. This is your G-Spot. Get to know it and use it! Don’t let it go to waste.

There are so many different ways to enjoy your prostate and I discovered one by accident whilst using this toy. I started using G-Play after a long, hot shower – whilst my hair and some of my body was still a little wet. I put the toy inside, played around a little bit and then began to blow dry my hair. I’m not sure if it was a one-time thing that’ll never happen again… but using the G-Play at the same time as my damp skin feeling the blend of the heat from the hairdryer, and the cool from the February air externally was amazing. I had goosebumps from my neck to my ankles. And it made each thrust of the toy feel much more intense. I’ve always enjoyed heat play anyway but I recommend that you do the same. Just try it.

If you rest your butt on a firm edge with a prostate toy in, it gives you good leverage to ride it and move it around. This toy has buttons on the base, so just angle it right so you can grind without switching the fun off – you get me. You can use the edge of furniture, a chair, your boyfriend’s forehead. Whatever is most convenient.

One thing I’ve noticed about prostate play is that I enjoy it more when I satisfy the sensitive parts of my body. I call them the pink bits, as mine are pink – but I’m talking about your lips, nipples, penis head and hole. The mix of the hot/cool, internal prostate rubbing and focusing on ‘the pink bits’ led to a really nice Sunday afternoon. Bringing myself to orgasm with a Nexus prostate massage is never hard for me as I’m usually having to slow down.

But this time around the orgasm was so nice, it felt like a muscle relaxant had travelled down my inner thighs before I came. It’s not like ‘cumming’ it’s ‘ORGASMING’. Removing the G-Play PLUS [+] (or any curved prostate toy) is much easier if you tip it diagonally outwards and then pull. Don’t just pull as you’ve been playing with your most sensitive internal Hot-spots and dragging the bulbed toy head past them will hurt.

Cleaning is EASY as always. The Nexus G-Play PLUS [+] is waterproof so you can get it wet. I don’t recommend submerging it but there’s no need to be shy with the water. I used Nexus Toy Cleaner spray, warm water and just rubbed it down. Make sure you let it dry completely before storing it, and don’t store it touching other toys.

6 Stimulation Settings
Anatomically contoured
Luxury Silicone
Odourless and Phthalates free

G-PLAY Plus [+] SMALL Dimensions:
Shaft length: 6cm (3.62″)
Shaft Circumference: 6.5cm (2.56″)

G-PLAY Plus [+] LARGE Dimensions:
Shaft length: 8cm (3.15″)
Shaft Circumference: 10.3cm (4.05″)

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