Sex Toy Review: The DOXY #3 Powerful Massage Wand | QX Men Magazine June 2018

I am so excited that DOXY Number 3 has arrived at Clonezone. The reason I have focused on this product is I was in Clonezone Manchester a few days ago, and I heard at least 5 customers comment on it – as they didn’t have a clue what it was. This intense piece of massage equipment looks a bit like a metallic microphone; and for those of us that aren’t clued up on massage wands (from the Hitachi to the LELO), I can see how it would look a bit weird. Personally, I think it’s really beautiful. The no.3 has a body made from aluminium/titanium alloy which reaches up to a sleek silicone headcover and proudly calls itself the ‘worlds most powerful wand massager’.

Doxy Number 3 is a massage wand but with a difference. It’s not just a cheap plastic wand that you get from one of those mail order sex-shop sites, Doxy number 3 is a heavy piece of luxurious equipment that’s incredibly powerful. Its mains powered vibrations have won it the respect of the adult industry and flawless British engineering assures it’s long-lasting and reliable strength. You simply cannot get used to the intense vibrations that Doxy delivers.

Some vibrators leave you feeling numb and needing to alternate between settings to continue the stimulation. It’d not rechargeable and doesn’t need batteries as it’s mains powered. You plug Doxy into the wall and taking advantage of its 3-metre length cable. Don’t let this put you off, it’s surprisingly easy to maneuverer around with this cable. Number 3 is smaller than the previous Doxy’s, which make it much more convenient to use around your cock, balls and hole.

The smaller head gives you a direct ‘hit’ on those spots you want to stimulate. The width of the Doxy head is slender at just 45mm across, as opposed to the previous Die Cast wand which had a bulky circumference of 19cm. The Doxy Number 3 can cater to the needs of everyone; from a beginner with sex toys and accessories, right-through to hardcore sensory players that want to include the wand in their routine. Again, be aware of where you’re plugging

I like to feel the Doxy ‘glide’ so I rubbed SPIT to Reactivate (water-based lube) across the silicone head before using it (Just be cautious with the application of lube and the insertion/removal of Doxy from the plug-socket). Switching the Doxy on and pressing the Plus [+] button upwards, I put it in my ‘auto spot’ which is the perineum, as I am obsessed with heavy vibrations focused there. I INSTANTLY wanted to have sex. There’s something about the Doxy’s vibrations that makes me want to have penetrative sex, which the Doxy can’t do.

Until now, as my friend at Nexus are working on them. Expect a review on that later in the year. You’re going to cum your pants. Personally, I use my Doxy to help train me out of my sexual impatience; as I have a tendency to want to rush into the rough when I’m alone and ready when I should focus more time on gentle, sensual playtime. I always find the best time to use it is after a bath or shower which is when your skin is feeling most sensitive.

My advice to you is to push it around your perineum, up-and-down your inner thighs, on your nipples and then the good part; the back of your dick head. You can make yourself cum without doing any ‘wanking’ and just by using it on your dick. Let your dick lie flat against your stomach and rub the head of the Doxy on your frenulum area, as well as on the shaft. This takes a lot of patience but is totally doable. Just keep the lube handy and allow the rumble to push into your dick and feel it ‘tickle’ outwards as it rumbles against your shaft, through it and onto your body.

And one of the great things about the Doxy is it doesn’t go inside you and you don’t fuck it, so clean up is so simple. Wipe down the silicone end with toy cleaning spray and some warm water, leave to dry and it’s ready for next time.

Brushed silver aluminium/titanium alloy body
Variable speed from approx. 3000 rpm to 9000 rpm.
Variable escalating pulse settings
Long 12 feet / 3-metre power cord
Removeable silicone head
3 easy to use control buttons

£128.99 // Use discount code ‘TOPHER’ at for 10% OFF and tweet me to tell me what you think @HelloIamTopher

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