Sex Toy Guide: Kinking Up Your Sex Toy Collection by Topher Taylor | QX Men Magazine August 2018

I find that many people are scared to take steps out of their comfort zone when it comes to sex toys. Toys, like sex, are all about experimentation and exploration. And like partners, sometimes the best idea is to go for something that’s out of your comfort zone. Does it look a little strange? Does it freak you out? Then why not try it?

I’m not saying that you should be jumping into using XL Mr. Hankey’s Dildos when you’re used to a few fingers and a prostate massager, but what I am saying is that you should be experimenting with different shapes and textures. Variety is the spice of life and you want to be cumming like a pig, right?! Even the most headstrong queen knows that the kink scene can be a little intimidating and if you’re not an experienced kinkster then you can feel a bit out-of-your-depth. But don’t brush ‘kinky’ looking toys aside, as many have similar functionality to more vanilla products… they just look a bit more daring. And they’re ultimately designed to satisfy.

We’ve been introducing new lines to the Clonezone toy collection from brands such as Mr. Hankey’s Toys, Dark Ink and SquarePegToys. Please. Don’t. Be. Put. Off. All of the mentioned brands cater to introductory players, right through to the most extreme anal trainer and depth player. Let me run you through a few ‘intro’ products from these brands;

SquarePegToys: The LEO HARNESS Dildo is a really beautiful penis. In my personal opinion anyway. This long, veined, porno looking cock is actually molded from a guy the SquarePeg owners met at a party. Leo was packing a really nice willy. This veined, uncircumsized detailed dildo is also available in XS.

The extra-small option features a heigh of 5.5 inches and a circumference (at it’s widest point) of 4.5 inches. This makes it suitable for players that aren’t used to big dildos but want to be fucked by something realistic.

Mr. Hankey’s Toys:
On appearance, the SEARHORSE dildo by Mr. Hankey’s can be quite scary. It’s incredibly detailed from tip to testicles; with webbed detailing inspired by the silhouette of a Seahorse. Funny that?

The SEAHORSE comes in an XS option at Clonezone, boasting a length of 6.75 inches and with a circumference (at its widest point) of 5.5 inches. It’s made from platinum grade silicone at a 75% softness. This means it’s firm but it squishes and jiggles. Is it a beginner’s toy? No. But it’s ideal for someone that wants to upgrade their dildo game.

Dark Ink:
Dark Ink pride themselves on the luxurious quality and sheer-strength of their stainless-steel cock and ball toys. The Paris based team focus on ‘taboo’ areas of sexual exploration and open the areas up for newcomers, as well as catering to expert players. You don’t need to be massively experienced with cock rings and ball stretchers to enjoy DARK INK products.

At Clonezone, we cater to the beginner right through to the nut-stretching aficionados. Our sizing of Dark Ink cock rings, ball stretchers, and magnetic sex-cessories give all player levels a chance at sexual exploration. Using these cock and ball toys can help keep you erect, intensify your orgasms and deliver explosive orgasms that last longer than usual.

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