THIRSTY BITCH: The SEXPERT Podcast feat. me

I hate when people say ‘I was excited/honoured/*insert adjective here*’ to have been asked to’ do *insert task here* as it sounds so TRITE but I was excited to be invited onto the Thirsty Bitch podcast by my friends Aamyko and Keyth David. I knew it’d be fucking fun. I’ve worked with the Thirsty Bitch duo on-and-off for a few years now, and we always have fun. I wouldn’t exactly call it “work”. These are my gyals.

🎧 The #ThirstyBITCH ‘Sexpert’ podcast feat. me. 🍑🍆💦

As a ‘Sexpert’ (whatever that means), I was asked to be the guest on the THIRSTY BITCH podcast’s Valentines Day special. As Chi Chi La Rue proclaimed “…and the subject is SEX! What else?!”… Of course! Sex is my subject.

In the show, I recommend by ‘Top 5’ sex toys for LOVING YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day 2019. Marketers LOVE couples at this time of year, so let’s focus on those of us who perhaps are single… or just want to cum like a pig. PLUS, I have a live demonstration of my ‘Number 1 toy’ by my friend, Porn Star, and XXX Live Show Star, James Bennett.

The show is broken down into the following segments:

  • Who am I? | I talk about my background and intro to the XXX industry.
  • My Top 5 Sex Toys | Walking you through what I personally recommend.
  • James Bennett | Porn Star uses my #1 Toy “live” on air.
  • Questions | I answer questions submitted from people in gay clubs in the UK.
  • ThirstyBitch WhatsApp | I answer questions submitted to the TB phone number.
  • COMPETITION | Competition to win £1,300+ of sex toys.

I reached out to my friends in the industry to sort out a VERY special prize for one lucky listener. And we’re talking BIG. One lucky listener will win £1300 worth of sex toys. Brands within the sex toy industry donated lots of amazing toys, and one brand, Bathmate, donated £350 worth of toys alone.

Bathmate is the world’s best penis pump for a reason, selling over 1 million pumps in 120 countries worldwide. Built for real performance and power, Bathmate penis pumps harness the power of water instead of air to create pressure – completely cutting out the risks that other pumps pose. When you are in the bath or shower just fill up your Bathmate with warm water and seal it against your body for three 5-minute sessions – it really is that easy. You can now take this routine to the next level with the addition of the incredible Hydrovibe – The Hydrovibe comes equipped with 2 IPX7 Rated fully waterproof USB rechargeable bullets which can also be used by themselves should you choose to! Max out is the world’s first jelqing enhancement serum – Jelqing is a natural therapy technique used to enhance the size of the penis naturally – Max out is specially formulated to enhance what you have already got and take you to the next level…

Now for the exclusive: The Bathmate ANAL TRAINING VIBE Set. The winner of this competition will own the first of this toy in the world. EVER.

It’s an exclusive, you Thirsty Bitches!

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