Sex Toy Review: TENGA Flip Zero Masturbator | QX Men Magazine September 2018

I first discovered TENGA toys back in 2009 when I worked in a straight sex shop. We were expecting a delivery of toys to replenish the shop when these weird cup things arrived, without explanation. It turns out they are genius wank toys with intensely textured insides to mimic the feelings of an anus, throat or vagina. Of course, I wanted one. I wanted two. Hell, I wanted 10!

It’s now 2018 and after almost 15 years of huge worldwide success; Tenga has launched the FLIP ZERO with Electronic Vibration. I swiftly requested (begged) for mine and was so excited as it arrived. This unique men’s sex toy looks like some sort of expensive speaker system by Apple or Bang & Olufson, standing upright in its Perspex case.

The Flip Zero features 5 vibration modes; low, high, pulse, alternating and random. The vibration is built into the casing and ripples through the jelly-like texture which tingles throughout. The inside of the Tenga is made from a beautifully plump clear silicone which has been textured from base to tip, assuring that EVERY part of your dick is satisfied. You don’t need batteries for the Tenga ZERO as its rechargeable. How 2018 of them. I like. Simply click it into it’s base and it’ll charge for you. Just be sure not to get the BASE wet. You can get the toy and its sides wet, however.

Ok, so I began by applying the TENGA Hole Lotion liquid to myself and the toy, clicking its sleek sides shut (make sure you do this before using) and pushed myself in. I know I’ve rushed into this, but I quite literally did rush into it. I couldn’t wait as soon as I got it home. The only way I can describe the instant pleasure of my dick going inside is comparable to the first time to penetrate someone and you get those tickling streams of pleasure explode into your crotch. The texture is AMAZING.

Either side of the Zero is soft with a firm pressure pad, meaning you can adjust the texture and suction as you wank. This is what gives it the life-like feel of a mouth or hole that you’re fucking. The air escapes through the top after being grinded through the internal vacuum shape.

I would go on the record as saying that this is the best masturbator I’ve ever used. Ever. 10/10.

The internal textures changes from base to tip, meaning you are not at all bored when using this toy; and assuring it’s almost impossible to get used to the sensations as they’re changing. I almost forgot about the vibration settings, so I quickly turned them on and instantly almost orgasmed. The rumbling vibration is powerful and travels flawlessly through the silicone onto your dick – you can especially feel it at the frenulum. I would advise sitting or laying down before turning the vibrator on, as your knee’s may buckle.

This is one of those rare masturbators that genuinely satisfies you as you’re using it. I almost forgot that I have other body parts that I usually stimulate whilst masturbating – so I can only imagine how good it would be to use this at the same time as a Prostate Massager (I’d recom-mend a Nexus toy for this). Mastur-bating towards orgasm is incredibly simple with the Tenga ZERO… almost too simple. It’s like having sex with the best bottom of all time, but best-of-all, it doesn’t talk back or ask to play Lady Gaga as you’re fucking it. I jest.

If you’re a guy that has issues with staying hard during sex, like myself on occasions, or with premature ejaculation – I would recommend this toy but I wold advise to use it hands-free. How, you ask? Place the Tenga Zero between your mattress and your bedframe and fuck it. If this is too low, improvise and use something else. This would be a great product to train yourself with. Or get a fuck buddy to come over and hold it as you fuck it.

After you’ve cum (and the orgasm is SO GOOD) it’s really, really easy to clean. Unclip the sides; flip it open, as it opens like a book and turn the tap on, to assure that lou get all of the lube and, precum cum out of its internal maze of textures. This is surprisingly simple but I’d advise also using a toy cleaning spray (Nexus Wash) to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. You can use the plastic casing as a drying rack, balancing the toy open to dry throughout. Classy, right? But please remember – do NOT put the charging base under water. You’d be surprised how many people need to be reminded of this.

I would go on the record as saying that this is the best masturbator I’ve ever used. Ever. 10/10.

– Running Time on full-charge: 40 minutes
– Charging Time: 90 minutes
– Dimensions: 70cm x 80cm x 180cm

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