Sex Toy Review: DUKE Prostate Massager and Vibe by Fun Factory | QX Men Magazine February 2019

Happy February, guys. It’s Valentines month and I don’t know about you but I am tired of couples being targeted on the 14th of February. What about singles? This month, I’m focusing on something that’ll help you ‘love yourself’ and ‘fuck yourself’. But in a nice way, of course. This toy is not expensive but it’s not cheap either. As soon as I found out about Fun Factory’s DUKE prostate massager, I was extremely excited. Why you ask? There are two reasons; I love Fun Factory’s toys for their quality and function, and I love prostate toys because they make me cum like a pig.

DUKE has actually been out for a while but we hadn’t stocked it at Clonezone until quite recently. As with most P-Spot toys, its shape is curvaceous and ergonomically designed for the perfect fit both inside and outside of your butt. The ‘set up’ is the prostate silicone shape with a removable bullet (which is available separately, by the way) at the base. But it’s the shape of DUKE which makes it quite unique as it has been designed to probe your perineum, push onto your prostate AND probe your hole with a plug which follows up inside of you. All at the same time.

DUKE is a unique shape; and actually, looks a bit like a boomerang in an ‘S’ shape. Take this into consideration when you’re thinking about what-goes-where when it comes to putting it in your butt. The ‘hook’ like handle end is what pushes on the gap between your balls and hole and the shapely ‘plug’ end is what goes inside. The vibrator is based right in the middle of this toy, which is what makes it special. Typically, Prostate and Perineum stimulating toys, you’ll only feel the benefit at one end as the vibrator will be trapped closer to one end than the other. Anyway – I’ll cut to the chase. I used Elbow Grease’s H20 Thick Gel lube on the DUKE and due to it’s curving shape I made sure I’d rubbed it all over it. This vibrating probe has a very curvy shape that’s going to be rubbing on all walls of your insides, so if you’re like me and NOT a fan of mess, then I’d recommend a quick douche before using him. Nothing intense, just insert your douche nozzle half-way and spray HALF the bulb inside a few times.

Pushing DUKE inside feels quite strange to the system as I’m used to probes pushing in the direction of my prostate but it has a probe which pushes in the other direction (as if it’s trying to push out of your body). Don’t panic when you push him in and feel this pressure, as it’s normal and it will ‘pop’ into place once you’ve got him inserted to his neck. I have to say that this is probably one of the more awkward insertions that I’ve experienced. I felt like I was stretching things the wrong way. But as soon as it gets into position, you know why. The pressure if the internal prostate probe, plug, and then the narrow probe pushing on the perineum is really nice and I INSTANTLY wanted to start rocking on it. So, I did. And as I did, I accidentally turned DUKE on with my duvet cover… which made my insides twitch and felt like I needed to piss straight away. This means my prostate is being stimulated, the ‘piss’ sensation wears off quickly and you’re left with a vibrating tension all over your hole and the outside areas. There are 5 settings for vibration but mine was the slower, stable speed. The vibrations travel through DUKE’s shape well and I put this down to its firmness, as DUKE almost feels like it has a skeleton which holds its shape and helps the tingles travel through. I don’t think I’ve ever used a prostate toy that woke everything up so quickly.

I have to say that this is probably one of the more awkward insertions that I’ve experienced.

I wanted to orgasm quite quickly into using it but tried to pace myself out. But no, my body had other ideas. Whilst I was rocking on DUKE, I could feel that my body was getting really close to orgasm and I wasn’t even touching my dick. It’s a rare occasion that I can cum without touching myself so I really wasn’t going to let this one go. I rocked… and rocked… and rocked… and thought I’d lost my orgasm. I was genuinely really pissed off so I selected the next function which was a MUCH more powerful vibration which took me over the edge. I came. Everywhere. I couldn’t have controlled this if I tried. I’d literally just washed my sheets the day before using DUKE and had to chuck ‘em back in the machine.

Cleaning DUKE is incredibly easy, as you can remove the bullet and submerge it completely. I used my Bathmate Anal Toy wash with warm water and made sure all lube was cleaned off. Make sure you let it dry completely (check the hole where the bullet goes) and store on its own.

Features & Specs:
2 Vibration Speeds & 3 Rhythms
Rechargeable by USB
100% Medical Grade Silicone
Removable bullet for external stimulation


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