Sex with Topher: Interview with BOYZ Magazine | January 2020

On Valentine’s Day, something very naughty is coming. Topher Taylor is launching his ‘Sex with Topher’ podcast for free on all podcast streaming services. You may recognise Topher from popping up in BOYZ Magazine every-now-and-then. He is the sex educator and brand manager behind gay-sex-super-store Clonezone and writer for various publications. UK Leather Mark has worked with Topher for a decade, so he sat down with his colleague to talk SEX WITH TOPHER.

Tell me more about the ‘Sex with Topher’ podcast?

‘Sex with Topher’ is my new baby. A free podcast dedicated to discussing sex, sex education, responsible behaviour, self-confidence and more but in a realistic and unfiltered environment. It won’t be clinical or patronising. There’s a lot of sex ed out there which doesn’t cut it as it’s not conversational, so I’m basically saying:” Think of me as your mate, who’s been around the block, a tart with a heart”. You can talk to me about anything, ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help. I’m happy to get into the nitty-gritty and topics that aren’t glamorous.  I’m just taking my editorial style to your headphones.

There will be special guests on each show, an ‘Ask Topher’ segment – where I answer submitted questions about sex – as well as perspectives from other people from completely different backgrounds and lifestyles to myself. It’s a frank discussion of sexuality designed to help break down barriers and ultimately improve people’s confidence with sex as well as their sex lives. That’s the goal. I want people to listen and feel inspired to explore themselves (and other people – wink wink). It’ll make you laugh; it’ll teach you things and it may even make you cry.

What triggered you into starting your own Podcasts?

I’ve guested on a few over the last year, which got me used to hearing my own voice. That was the first hurdle. But to be honest, I’ve always done my best sex education work in person or over-the-phone so a podcast seemed like the ideal vehicle for the subject that I care about. I can be discretely in your earbuds on your train journey or whilst you go about doing your chores at home. It’s fun, it’s modern, and it gives me something to nurture. I’m very excited about it.

Do you have any ‘juice’ to share?

Of course! I’m pretty excited about my first guest. If you have Twitter or Instagram, then you’ll know her already. She’s known for her cock destroying abilities. Need any more clues? Ah fuck it, I’ll tell you, its MORE MILF a.k.a Rebecca More.

Other than that, it’ll be consistently juicy. I’ll be bringing a ‘straight’ ex to come and talk about life in the closet or ‘on the DL’. I’ve got lots of mates from naughty places so I’ll be bringing them into the mix. I’m not afraid of being self-deprecating and downright vulgar, sometimes with ‘sex talk’ you need to. No topic will be avoided and no-hole-barred. Ahem.

I recently caught you on the telly, on Channel 5’s ‘Inside the sex toy factory’, how was that experience?

It was really bizarre seeing my face on screen and then my phone blowing up with notifications. I had people I hadn’t spoken to in eons sliding into my DM’s. I enjoyed the show itself, as shows like that help break down the stigma surrounding sex toys. I’ll turn up to the opening of a crisp packet really, so I wasn’t going to say no to getting my big ass on TV – was I?! Something to show the Grandkids when they’re old enough.

Where and when can we catch your Podcast?

Sex with Topher is launching on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2020) and will be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Deezer. For free.

If you could have ‘Sex with Topher” with 3 people, who would you invite along? (Of course, I mean to chat with on your Podcast!) I already know the answers to this…

I mean, I am a very ambitious person so these will be a bit out there but I’d love to have Madonna on the show one day – as her attitude to sex help me come to terms with my own sexual identity growing up. I’d love to pick her brains on the subject.

I’d like to speak to Dan Savage about the difference in ‘sexual culture’ between the UK and the USA. He’s a provocative figure, so I’d be interested to see where our conversation led.

Another dream guest is Frank Ocean, as his attitude towards his own sexuality in the midst of US Hip Hop culture is both inspiring and fascinating. I have lots of respect for him and would also just appreciate the opportunity to stare at him, as he is beautiful.

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Sex with Topher is coming 14th February 2020.

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