Sex with Topher: The Podcast HAS ARRIVED!

Excuse my foul language but I am super-FUCKING-excited about the launch of my new baby: Sex with Topher. A sex-positive podcast by myself, which is solely dedicated to sex education in all of its facets.

As you know by now, I have lots of friends from in-and-around the XXX industry, from escorts through to body-positive influencers. I’ll be bringing them into the studio to talk SEX. Ultimately, the point of Sex with Topher is to help break down barriers and encourage people to communicate clearly and have more confidence when it comes to S E X. It’s always much easier said than done, isn’t it?!

My debut launched on Valentine’s Day 2020, featuring an interview with Rebecca More (most popularly known as ‘More Milf‘ or ‘Cock Destroyer‘) where we talk about everything from getting into porn, to how her kids accept her career, escorting… right through to breaking her bumhole!

Want to listen?!

“Sex education, tips, and frank discussions about sexuality with special guests from sex educator, Topher Taylor. #SexWithTopher will take a provocative, unfiltered and educated look at sexuality, responsible behaviour, & self-confidence.

Featuring special guests from the adult education world, adult performers, sex toy industry and hardcore kinksters. If you want to learn about sex, hear honest stories and upgrade your bedroom skills – then make sure you tune into Sex with Topher.

Find Topher on Insta @TopherTaylor or Twitter @HelloIAmTopher

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