Sex with Topher Podcast: TRANSCRIPTS | For those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or those who prefer to read.

When the idea of ‘Sex with Topher‘ came to my mind, it’s inception surrounded helping to normalise sexuality. Through conversations in which I discuss tips, my experiences, desires and discussing behaviours and intimacy etc. I wanted our conversations to be accessed by as many people as possible. I hate the idea of being exclusive.

Therefore, I will now be doing my best to get each episode of the Sex with Topher podcast transcribed as fast as possible – so those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, focus better when reading or are unable to have podcast streaming software, could access the episodes. And here we are.

If you cannot access the files for whatever reason, email me at and I’ll send your episode(s) of choice over to you ASAP.

Lots of luv,



Episode 1: Interview with Cock Destroyer, Rebecca More (More Milf), Ask Topher & Sexual Confidence